Cause freedom is God
Freedom is acknowledging the mask you have on
and possessing the strength to take it off.
Freedom is accepting every step of the path
and when it’s hard having faith in the ability to embrace that
that’s where you are,
and this is it.
The same shit that we work towards,
but go against in the same sense.

sexy and chu know it

sexy and chu know it

And through the darkness of the night, we’ll watch our futures shining bright.

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"Hannah, you’re wearing a white dress, okay? You’re essentially begging the world to fuck with you. Do you understand that? You’re daring a homeless person to wipe their blood on your breasts."

— Ray

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The fact that my life has been one ridiculous mistake after another… 

I see the victory, discipline will conquer addiction. 

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Jean Kilbourne is amazing and every girl/woman should watch this.

So let’s just make a toast

and let’s just get a buzz

Sayin hi to what we’ll be

sayin bye to what we was

Started off hard headed, stuck in my ways
but things change, and days turn to nights
and the nights are cold if your people ain't right

"I got lots of love for my crew that is"

I know a thing or two about you,
Your bullshit attitude.
You’re fucking weak and let me tell you it shows right through.
You dont know shit about me or my friends,
What they are, what I am
So cut the shit and try not to pretend.
You’re scared of who and what we are and so you question yourself,
But your pride won’t let you show your fear to anyone else.
You don’t know me,
So don’t judge me
You don’t know you,
Your too scared to.

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